NDC to report violent PF thugs to police

NDC to report violent PF thugs to police

NDC to Officially Report PF Cadres Appearing in a Video Threatening Kambwili with Violence

The National Democratic Congress, NDC, has decided to officially report known Patriotic Front, PF, cadres who are appearing in a video insulting Dr. Chishimba Kambwili and threatening violence, to the police.

‘As a party we take exceptional interest in that video because the life of our Consultant Dr. Chishimba Kambwili is being threatened,’ the Vice President of NDC Mr. Josephs Rikki Akafumba said.

The NDC Vice President said that the letter to the Inspector General of Police Mr. Kakoma Kanganja and Copperbelt Police Commissioner Mrs. Charity Katanga have since been written and will be delivered first thing on Monday morning.

The known PF cadres are seen in the video threatening violence, insulting the NDC Consultant and vowing to kill him. ‘How do you allow a situation where cadres can openly record themselves in a video threatening to kill someone and you take that as normal? These cadres are well known and the threats are there for all to hear. We have also downloaded the video and will take it together with the letters so that the police don’t tell us that they have not seen the video,’ he said.

The Edgar Lungu led PF has unleashed unprecedented levels of violence as never before seen in the history of the country, with their cadres always attacking, threatening and hacking people without facing legal consequences. The cadres, sometimes in the company of PF senior officials like ministers, have also been known to manhandle and drag the same people they injure with knives and pangas to the police and have the injured people locked up while the perpetrators of violence are left scot free.

‘Our experience with the police has so far not been good as the police do everything possible to protect the cadres instead of protecting us as members of the public. However, we are hopeful that they will act accordingly with this serious case, but if they don’t, we are just comforted by the fact that an official complaint will be made and if we don’t get justice now, we will get it later,’ he said.

Issued by: NDC Media

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