Ndola city council exhumes body of resurrected girl

Ndola city council exhumes body of resurrected girl

Ndola City Council hs ordered the exhumation of the body of a dead girl who has allegedly come back to life.

Records show that Winnie Lufunia of Masala township of Ndola died on November 14th 2016 after an illness.

She was later buried at Mitengo Cemetry and records show that her body was held in grave number 73.

Two years later the girl has returned home saying she has been a victim of witchcraft and that she has been alive all the time.

She explains that a named household kept her as an indentured slave to do housework chores and other duties.

Ndola Central Police is currently holding a girl bearing the same details and the parents swear that their daughter was buried two years ago and its their daughter that has returned to life.

Authorities have since exhumed the body and DNA samples are being taken for testing.

Yesterday after a girl of Masala Township in Ndola who is believed to have died two years ago walked back to her parents’ home.

Winnie Lufunja 19, died on November 14, 2016 after an illness.

Her body was taken to the mortuary and after body viewing which acts as surety that the right person was in the casket she was buried on November 16 at grave number 73 in Mitengo Cemetry.

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