Ndola city council praises its pathetic fire service unit

Ndola city council praises its pathetic fire service unit


– Ndola City Council says this video is not genuine

Ndola city council

Response to Video of Ndola City Fire Fighters

19th September, 2019.

The Ndola City Council Fire Brigade yesterday managed to save seven flats out of eight from a fire that is ruled to have been caused by an electrical fault from one of the flats.

The Fire Brigade who were notified via a walk in at 14:50hrs yesterday managed to get to the scene within six minutes of notification and stationed two fire trucks from Ndola City Council as well as Indeni Fire Truck to aid.

When Fire Brigade arrived at Nevo Court Flats on Lewanika Street the fire had already spread through two bedrooms and a store room, the roof had also already curved in and is made of asbestos and had no ceiling as opposed to some media reports.

Fire fighters upon arrival and assessment opted to fight the fire from within and thus gained entrance from the back and the roof to fight the fire.

The Ndola City Council Fire brigade managed to quench the fire with only one fire truck and saved the rest of the house as well as prevented the fierce fire from spreading to other flats.

However, we have noted a rather misleading and malicious video that is being circulated on social media depicting failure on the fire fighters to quench the fire which is a very wrong picture.

The newly acquired fire engine which was used did not run out of water as is reported in some sections of the media.

We only used one fire tender and did not even need to use the second that was parked outside as the first one was fully loaded with water. It should be mentioned that after the unfortunate incident the fire tender still had half a tank of water and its reserve was also equally full.

The video being circulated shows the firemen arriving at the scene and still laying out equipment. It should be further noted that in the beginning low pressure was put because some fire fighters were inside the house and opted to fight the fire from inside.

In turn the owners of the flat Mr. Nicholas Mfula appreciated the Ndola City Council Fire Fighters for containing the fire from spreading to other flats and managing to save the other part of his home.

However, Ndola City Council would like to urge members of the public to utilize and know the helpline which is 993.

Issued by
Ms. Tilyenji Mwanza
Public Relations Manager
Ndola City Council

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