Ndola commuters stranded as bus operators park their buses

Ndola commuters stranded as bus operators park their buses

Scores of commuters in Ndola were this morning stranded as bus drivers parked their vehicles in defiance of the increased fuel prices forcing.

And Lusaka bus operators have officially increased bus fares by 15 percent with immediate effect following approval by the PF government.

A check at most bus stops in Ndola found bus stations deserted while the few that attempted to load passengers at old fares were being chased by their colleagues.

And reports reaching the Watchdog this afternoon, indicated that bus drivers in Ndola have now resorted to rioting so as to press government to allow them to increase bus fares following the increase in fuel prices.

In Lusaka, the PF government has bowed to pressure and has allowed bus drivers to increase fares with immediate effect on all routes by 15 per cent in order to cushion them against increase fuel prices.

Capital Buses proprietor who is also bus operators `Chairman, Ishmael Kankara says the move that was initially rejected but later accepted by government was with immediate effect.

PF government recently increased fuel prices in move they claimed would only affect the few people who drive vehicles from one pub to another.

As an opposition PF leader then, these were the moments president Michael Sata used to cherish as he would go round travelling with masses in buses with George Chellar of the Post newspaper getting pictures of him at filling stations cheating everyone that he was man of the people.

Sata denounced any minimal fuel, electricity or mealie meal price increases and attributed them to the result of corruption in the then MMD and Chinese backed government that was oppressing the poor Zambians.

Now in State House, the people he closely worked with such as Fr. Frank Bwalya have denounced him claiming the man of action they knew died and was buried along time.

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