Ndola detainee defaecates cocaine?

John Nyawali

John Nyawali

About Seventeen pellets of pure grade cocaine weighing over 200 grams were on Tuesday morning seized from a Police cell at Ndola Central Police, according to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC).

DEC Public Relations  Officer John Nyawali, says the Cocaine was discovered in one of the toilets inside a cell for male inmates during repair works on a sewer pipe which was blocked.

He said in a press statement that the Drug Enforcement Commission in collaboration with Police authorities at Ndola Central Police have intensified investigations to ascertain circumstances in which such a huge quantity of cocaine found its way in the cells.

‘However, preliminary investigations indicate that cocaine was flushed out of the stomach of unidentified detainee when he answered the call of nature”, said Nyawali.

Nyawali also said that the Commission has since intensified its screening operations at all entry points to reduce the inflow of drugs into the country.

Meanwhile, over 180 kilograms have been seized in the last two days from 29 people that were arrested across the country.

Among those arrested include a teacher of Katoya Basic School in Kaoma who was found with over 36 kilograms of cannabis. Mr. Derrick Simfukwe was arrested together with headman Mwanakoyi of chief Libinga in the same area, said Nyawali.

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