Ndola in ARVs shortage again, but govt officials say they are rationing

Residents of Chifubu township in Ndola have complained of insufficient Anti-Retroviral (ARV) drugs at Chipokota-mayamba clinic.

But Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenga and Ndola district health officer Dr. Kakungu Simpungwe refuted the claims saying that clinics in Ndola were stocked with all medicines including ARVs.

Some Chifubu residents complained in Ndola today that they were being turned away by nurses because the clinic did not have ARVs in stock.

“Nurses have been telling us to go to other clinics because the clinic doesn’t have ARVs. This is not the first time this is happening,” said one of the residents who did not want to be mentioned.

Mr. Musenge however, said people should not alarm the nation by going round saying that some clinics do not have ARVs when the drug is stocked in all clinics in Ndola.

“Maybe there was late delivery of the drug but the truth of the matter is that all clinics are stocked with ARVs. Every week my office and Ndola district health staff have been having meetings and I can confirm that there is sufficient stocks of all drugs in clinics, including ARVs,” Mr. Musenge said.

And Dr. Simpungwe also confirmed that all clinics in Ndola had ARVs in stock.

She said apart from ARVs, the clinics had other medicines in stock and that it was news to her that Chipokotamayamba clinic in Chifubu did not have ARVs for the patients.

“All clinics in Ndola have drugs available all drugs and not just ARVs. The only thing that we have changed is that instead of giving ARVs for three months, we have been giving the drug for one month.

But to say that there are no ARVs at Chipokotamayamba clinic, that is news to me. I will have to check the clinic and find out what is happening, but we have the drug in stock,” Dr. Simpungwe said.

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