Ndola Lime sold secretely

Why are people silent about the of Ndola Lime or is it because it was secretly sold and few people know about it?
Ndola Lime was almost sold at first by R.B to Moses Katumbi,the deal couldn’t finalize because R.B lost the elections to Sata and that’s how it survived. This time it has been successfully sold by Edgar Lungu with the help of RB to a South African businessman,hence,those retrenchments going on. When Bowman issued a statement to Ndola Lime not to retrench any people,my comment was “to late,the process already started”. Because by the time Ndola Lime was making the announcement it had already retrenched some people not that,that’s when the where going to.
Is the move to sale a good one or not and where has that money gone?

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