Ndola lime workers cheated



The liquidator of Ndola Lime company ZCCM IH Mr Milingo Lungu has been holding on to employees’ benefits since March 2020 when the money was released by ZCCM-IH to pay creditors and employees. The last shift for employees at Ndola Lime was 31st July 2020 and money owed to employees was to be paid on the second week of August 2020. However, when the 31st July came Mr Milingo went to Ndola Lime company and extended the contracts for employees to 31st August 2020 through a memo claiming that some administrative issues needed to be done before a new company could come.
The memo for extension was done and stuck on the notice board in the evening at 19:00hrs of 31st July 2020 after employees had already closed their last shift with the Company. The leeway was done to avoid paying employees their monies on the second week of August 2020 so that Mr Milingo can continue enjoying interests on people’s accrued benefits in his bank account. The interest the money has accrued in Mr milingo’s bank account from March 2020 benefits should be given to employees who happens to be owners the money. Currently ZCCM the owner of Ndola lime has failed to demand that he pays workers Immediately for fear of being fired by state house the appointing power.
It is sad to note that all other creditors were paid off some time back and only employees were left out by the liquidator.
The appeal goes to the government through ZCCM-IH and the Administrator General for Ndola Lime Mss. Natasha Kalimukwa to swiftly move in to address this sitch. Workers are very angry, sad and disappointed with whole gambit tactics employed by the liquidator.
Let the workers get their monies in August 2020 so that a new company can run the affairs of Ndola lime. Currently the work atmosphere is agitated at the Company as the entire workforce wants to know when they will get their monies.
Please help the workers before they lose out on their benefits in daylight robbery.

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