Ndola pastors refuse to be intimidated

Ndola pastors refuse to be intimidated

CHARITY Katanga can never silence us because we stand for the truth, says Ndola Pastors. Police have charged five pastors and three Centre for Trade Policy and Development officials arrested from Ndola Central Baptist Church where they gathered to discuss the 2019 national budget.

The eight have been charged with unlawful assembly contrary to the Laws of Zambia. The armed police and others in plane cloths entered the Church building and ordered that the meeting be stopped immediately. Katanga justified the arrest of the pastors maintaining that they were holding a political meeting. But the pastors have advised Katanga to stop acting like a politician in the name of pleasing her paymasters.

“This police commissioner should not be acting in a partisan manner. She needs to protect the people and not politics. In fact, it’s the politicians that need the Church more than we need them. They come to our Churches so it’s them that need us. We are not interested in politics. Like we said last time, we will have the last laugh,” one of the pastors said on behalf of others.

“For now, we await our appearance in court. So Katanga should make sure that this case is taken to court on time, we want to meet the arresting officers in court. This behaviour by the police is not helping the government in power. But we know Katanga and her police are just acting to please their boss. Now the boss is lost. A day before our arrest, we were praying to God for repentance, fasting and reconciliation. So where is the reconciliation here?”

The pastors said it was sad that the government, through the Zambia Police Service, does not want citizens to discuss national issues.

“There was nothing that we could do. Discuss politics for what? We can only discuss what the Church is doing, whether right or wrong. We were invited by CTPD to put in our inputs on the national budget; if the 2019 national budget will benefit our people. So for Katanga to call us politicians and that we were doing politics, it’s very unfortunate. But the government should not be scared of its shadow.”

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