Ndola Pastor’s wife on the loose

Dear Editor,
Please hide my ID and thank you very much for speaking for the voiceless.
I followed the story you carried on Gabriel Namulambe and his lavishing a Pastor’s wife in Ndola with huge sums of money.
I’m a Ndola based woman and to some degree associated with the Pastor’s wife Barbara Ngosa. It is a shame to note that this woman will never change and will deceive many and probably end up destroying many people. It is regrettable that she feels untouchable simply because she is connected in the corridors of power and because her brother was former Vice President of Zambia. She still owes so many people including my husband who has just decided to let her be.
Many people believed and trusted her because of the status of her then husband. As I speak, she is parading herself as a Pastor, even busy praying for people when she has too many skeletons in her closet and is a home breaker.
Am writing this so that maybe ifimbusa can help this woman who has gone loose and on rampage before she destroys another home. It is amazing that she is now always found with another married Pastor from Twapia in Ndola. This young pastor is called Pastor. Moses Simbaya and was raised and trained by Rev. Dr. Likuka. He is also married to Likuka’s young sister who he has chased from their matrimonial home to pave way for Barbara Ngosa. Bushe ifimbusa apa kutimwatila shaani? It seems this woman only targets young unsuspecting men just like her elder sister in Lusaka.(name with held). Her elder sister is married to one white man but has a black son from a young boy called author. Barbara after her husband died managed to get her deceive the upcoming then vibrant and hardworking pastor who also is younger than her.
We understand that Pastor. Moses Simbaya is also having a love affair with a married woman in the church who also happens to be the chairlady in the same church. The church is in Twapia compound in Ndola and is called Mountain of Joy. In covering up these evil deeds, it is romoured that this purported girlfriend has even taken the pastor’s wife to court as a way of threatening the young girl. If you have presence in Ndola, please verify with Local court.
What really hurts is that it seems in this country there is no control on these so called Pastors. Many rotten eggs have come in calling themselves as pastors and prophets and the government is just quite. People are suffering muma komboni umu nama prophets. Even the USA yesterday had to say they have to start regulating what must be said on the pulpits. How can a homebreaker, liar and prostitute be allowed to parade as a pastor surely. Basambilile kwisa ba Barbara ifya bu pastor?
Most of these pastors you will find are school dropouts, ba grade 7 bakantu whohave failed and they see the easiest they can do to survive is go behind the pulpit. Abena Zambian shibukeni – it is only in Zambia I think where somebody will make miracle talk time and miracle money and ba DEC nabekalafye without taking action.
Mwebantu tulandileni ko; bushe teti kube minimum qualification for these pastors? Landeni kofye; like Barbara; asha umulume wakwe nokumusebanya pantu tafyala elo nomba ni tight na chuufi munankwe alatamfisha namulamu wakwe. Investigate this mwebantu napapata and ask who was ku forefront of conference bakwete ku twapia ninshi umukashi wakwa Moses ali kwa Yengwe. Awe ba Barbara Ngosa chinjeni mayo mwatutukisha pafula. Bushe mwafuma kubantu nangu yabaposhaani?

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