Ndola PR confirms being ejected by irate unpaid workers

Ndola PR confirms being ejected by irate unpaid workers

– ZNBC lied about me
– The Mast is just being malicious

Good Evening,

Yesterday I was misquoted in a story that aired on ZNBC in what has been realised as an editing error.

It is unfortunate that I was not accorded an opportunity by our union nor employees to rectify the anomaly.

The union instead opted to demand for my head on a spit and because of this I was physically and emotionally harrassed.

I have faced defamation, character assassination and victimisation over a statement I did not issue nor utter at all.

I was ridiculed, belittled and hurled all sorts of insults and despite efforts by ZNBC to issue the correct story some media houses have opted to ride on the same false statement and opted to subject me to more damage as there objective has been to try settle scores with me which is just sad.

I hold institutions such as The Mast in high esteem as I am a product of the defunct Post Newspaper and as such have always choosen to always declare interest but to see the malicious story still being peddled in order to further injure me is just completely disheartening.

These are sentiments that almost cost me my life and I did not utter them at all, a position I relayed and even made an audio available to media outlets.

I may be new in Public Relations but I have had a vast know on communication both from social learning and academic qualifications which I have pursued up to Masters level.

I would like to clearly state that at no time have I ever given false information on operations of Ndola City Council since my engagement as Public Relations Manager.
I would also like to clarify falsehoods that my Town Clerk and management have tossed me in the dark. Management are fully aware of the error and have stood with me through this ordeal. Additionally they have offered me emotional support and security.

I am also happy to have seen ZNBC retract the story and issue a correct position. An apology was also tendered to me.
Having worked in the media industry I clearly understand the editing error and would not want to cause any animosity with the noble institution, Public Relations and Journalism can only be successful side by side.

Life is a learning curve and this ordeal has taught me something, I will tender a blind eye to the malice but I will tender an official complaint to the relevant authorities on the victimisation I faced.

Good Evening,
Tilyenji Mwanza

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