Ndola school girl found having sex with teacher murdered

A 20-year-old pupil from Chibolele Basic in Ndola has died after being stoned by an attacker who found her having sex with her teacher Gostina Kalunga 24 withn the bushes of Chipulukusu Township.

The deceased identified as Bridget Samgowa was making love with the teacher when an unidentified killer, pounced on the unsuspecting and attacked them with stones. The teacher managed to run to safety, but the pupil was killed on the scene.

Copperbelt police commissioner Mary Tembo confirmed the incident adding that it happened on Wednesday night around 22:00 hours.

Ms Tembo said Gostino Kalunga, stays at house number 1212 in the Chipulukusu slums of Ndola.

“The deceased, who is a pupil at Chibolele Basic School was on Wednesday having sex with a teacher of the same school and whilst in the act, an unknown man attacked them with stones but the boyfriend managed to escape,” Ms Tembo said.

Ms Tembo said while running to safety, Kalunga ran into people who got him back to the scene of the incident only find a dead body of the school girl.

“When they went to check for the pupil, they found her gasping for breath and unfortunately she died,” Ms Tembo said.

She said police have detained the love making teachers and a male juvenile who reported the matter to the police in order to help with investigations.

The deceased body was found with a deep cut on the left side of the head and bruised face. It is beingkept at the Ndola Hospital mortuary waiting post mortem and a manhunt for the killer is under way.

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