Ndola teen forces three boys into sex with dog and to scream ‘sweet’

A-16-year-old boy of Chifubu Township in Ndola has been reported to police for allegedly forcing three boys aged eight, nine and 10 to have sex with a dog and scream ‘sweet’ to confirm their enjoyment.
The accused is alleged to have been forcing several other children into the act. He had been forcing  them to scream ‘sweet’ and threatened them with death if they refused.

But one of the victims, the 10-year-old boy narrated to the mother about what had happened to him.

The boy revealed the identity of the teenager who was in the company of another boy aged 13 and invited him with two other boys to go and play near a stream in Chifubu Township last week.
The suspect with his friend later tied the three boys with black pieces of cloth on their faces, removed their clothes, brought a dog and forced them to take turns in having sex with it.
The boys who wanted to run away were threatened with death and had to continue doing the act with the dog while his friend held on to the animal’s mouth.
“He threatened the boys not to say anything to anyone and also not to tell their parents and if that they did so they would die,” said the mother.
But immediately they arrived at their respective homes, the 10-year-old boy shared the ordeal with the mother who rushed to the police station to report the matter.
One of the accused, the 13-year-old boy was immediately detained while the 16-year-old was reported to be on the run.
The victim was rushed to Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital where he was said to have been given two injections and a report has not yet been released.
Acting Copperbelt Police commissioner Joyce Kasosa said she was still waiting to be briefed by the Ndola District Police commanding officer who had been tasked to investigate the matter.
“I am still waiting for a feedback from Ndola District Police commanding officer whom I asked to follow up the matter with Chifubu Police Station,” she said.

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