Near riots in Kapiri Mposhi as some ballot papers go missing

There was a near riot at Kapiri Mposhi civic center this morning after stakeholders discovered that the strongroom where ballot papers for April 23 by-election was found open with some ballot paper booklets missing.

Police had to use teargas to disburse cadres that wanted to met out instant justice to the security guard who was manning the place.

Sources from Kapiri Mposhi said the ballot papers arrived last night in the area and were received and verified by all the stakeholders.

But this morning, the room where they were kept was found open without any signs of break-inn.

This angered some UPND supporters who demanded to know who had stolen the ballot paper booklets.

The lack of a satisfactory answer from both the security guard and the Election Commission on Zambia (ECZ) officials led to a near riot as people wanted to beat up the security guard.

Up to now, some ballot paper booklets are still uncounted for, and it is not clear what ECZ will do.

And there are reports of PF having imported hundreds of cadres from Copperbelt’s Mukuba ward who are beating people in Kapiri Mposhi.


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