Neither Sata nor Masebo has power to cancel tender – ZPPA

Neither Sata nor Masebo has power to cancel tender – ZPPA

Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) Director Inspections and Standards Gloria Ngoma has told the Sylvia Masebo tribunal that neither the President nor the Minister has authority to cancel a tender Process.

Mrs Ngoma who was summoned to appear before the tribunal to clarify issues on the tendering process submitted that under the ZPPA Act, the president or the minister has no right to direct the cancellation of a tender.

She testified that she felt the right procedure was not followed in canceling the tendering process of the hunting concessions.

She told the Roydah Kaoma led tribunal that the ZPPA Act is very explicit on what should be done if need arises to cancel a tender.

Mrs.Ngoma further told the tribunal that she is not aware of the steps that Ms Masebo took when canceling the tender for the hunting concessions.

She also submitted that she is aware that the Chief Executive officer has the authority to appoint the evaluation committee.

Meanwhile the tribunal probing Ms Masebo for professional misconduct and interfering in the operations of the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA)has closed its sittings today.

A number of high profile witnesses have testified during the tribunal including ceremonial Vice-President Guy Scot and Attorney General Mumba Malila.Former Tourism Minister William Harrington had drug Masebo to the tribunal citing a breach in the Code of conduct that governs what the Minister can do and not do.Masebo is alleged to have dissolved the ZAWA board without procedure and replaced it with interested parties. She also fired senior managers and replaced her with her own people without following laid down procedures. She is also alleged to have cancelled hunting concession licenses or contracts without procedure. The tribunal members on Tuesday 11/03/14 receive written submission from both parties before compiling a final report that shall be presented to President Michael Sata and Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini.


Chairperson Justice Roydah Kaoma informed the parties that they will be communicated to when exactly the tribunal will present its report.

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