Nepotism and plunder of funds at Office of the Auditor General

Dear Editor,
Please allow me to air my displeasure at the manner the Auditor General,Anna Chifungula runs the Office of the Auditor General(OAG).
First of all,most of the workers in this public office are related to the Auditor General and are given priority when trips abroad are there,training opportunities,loans,promotions,labour day awards and other incentives all at the expense of hard working and deserving officers.
The AG has employed relatives in almost all the departments of this office and has put them in strategic sections such as accounts. For example, she has put 2 registry clerks(Florence Mubamba and Abel Katebula) to be in accounts-one at HQ and the other one at the Ndola regional office respectively.These relatives are always at activities such as womens day,labour day,youthday,gender,AIDS day and so on and so forth so as to benefit from the allowances and free suits that the office offers.
Other members of staff  have complained and complained but their complaints have fallen on deaf ears.If you are heard to be vocal and talking about the family tree,you are immediately transfered to a provincial office.
The OAG has two staff houses situated at HQ and guess who occupies them?2 office orderlies one of which is AG’s relative.Honestly,how can an office orderly be offered free accomodation when there are officers like drivers,registry clerks,assistant auditors,auditors,senior auditors,principal auditors,deputy directors and directors who do not have government accomodation.What criteria did management use to give these 2 houses?
People who have worked hard and have good qualifications are left out when high positions are vaccant.Instead,it is her relatives that climb the ladder to the top.An example is when Assistant Director for Copperbelt retired and surprise surprise! her niece,Patricia Malaila,who was by then principal Auditor,was promoted to head the ndola office.
The OAG has 7 directorates and one of which is the Planning Directorate.
This Directorate is incharge of planning for OAG and is also in charge of the Office funds both government and donor funds.This is the directorate which is highly abused.
The funds,especially donor funds are plundered through this directorate.
A few Officers in this directorate benefit through small committees such as editorial and show committees.These committees sit alsmost everyday doing nothing but drawing allowances.One member gets as much as K57 million per month.There is always sadness when an officer is moved from this directorate to another but joy when an officer is taken to this lucrative directorate.
ACC and private Auditors should investigate the Office of the Auditor General.
The Assisistant Director for North Western Province Siame is on suspension for plunder of national resoures but he also claims that the plunder was used on AG’s personal activities.
Hope this email reaches relevant authorities.
Concerned citizen

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