Nepotism and Tribalism at Zamtel Technical Departmet

Dear Editor (please hide my id),

Please help me expose the high levels of Nepotism and Tribalism practiced at Zamtel’s Technical Department.

The Zamtel Technical Department is headed by one Mupeta Sydney, once referred to as the Muppet Show, in one of the publications you once carried out. He is indeed the Muppet Show because he likes wasting people’s time. A 30 minutes meeting will take 3 to 4 hours (talks too much and unnecessary things). He is the Muppet Show because he has lamentably failed to run the department. For example, the Power section is in mess right now as 95% of faults are power related. He had wanted to outsource the power function to Cellular Support, a company he co-owns with Mupanga Mwanakatwe but thanks to the Watchdog, this was exposed.


For us as Bembas, we are appalled by the levels of nepotism and tribalism Sydney is practicing. Almost all the technical managers are Bembas. The list of senior managers is as below:

  1. Martin Chishala – a person he handpicked for the position without (no interviews were done) and because they were together at UNZA. Martin, I am reliably informed, survived through supps at UNZA.
  2. Freelance Bwalya
  3. Derrick Mwansa
  4. Worried Chibuye – comes from a neighbouring village to Sydney in Serenje.
  5. Jason Mwanza

As can be seen from the list above, all except one are bembas. For me, I count Jason to be one of us because he is our traditional cousin. He actually speaks better bemba than most of us.

The following is a list of managers under the senior managers:

1) Marshal Sichula 2) Moses Chisala 3) Lincoln Chanda 4) Chanda Mulenga

5) Onno Munshya 6) Lewis Mukupa 7) Kennedy Chola 8) Abraham Chikuswe

9) Estella Mwewa 10) Pupu Sichembe 11) Brian Chiboya 12 Bwanga Mbula

13) Nicholas Phiri 14) Mike Tombo 15) Zacharia NJOBVU 16) Clifton Masua

At lower ranks, the trend is almost the same with appointments for some people who are not even suitable to be senior engineers but just because they are bembas or were together with the Sydney and his cartel at Celtel/Airtel.

Ba editor, the above information is factual and I challenge the Mappurt Show to deny it. What is more shocking is that appointments are not through interviews. Sydney will just wakeup and point a finger at anyone he wants to be manager and no one opposes that including the HR department while other departments fill in vacancies through interviews. As a result, cartels/groupings are the order of the day. If one does not belong to a cartel, he or she will never be manager, even if one is qualified. I appeal, through the Watchdog, to the PF admin to step in and correct this mess. They hide in the name of performance but alas, are all performers bembas and not from other tribes? This is shocking!!!


Concern Citizen

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