Nepotism & Impunity by PF

Dear Editor,

Kindly bring this rot by the PF regarding our country.

Besides all the nepotism involving appointments being given to Bemba speaking people, the people involved have gone further to loot the assets of this country like the same way the children of RB  wanted to do.

Just look at this:

GBM has been strategically positioned at MOD where orders are not questioned so that he recovers all the money he put in supporting the PF using our hard earned tax.

GBM is supplying uniforms to ZNS worth K4.5billion. Please verify this using your own sources. The wife Chama Mwenso Mwamba is one of the preffered suppliers to govt institutions like NAC, ZA. The sister to mrs mwamba, Stella Nkandu Mwenso are in the same league with the infomous Jimmy Fingers Chungu as leading suppliers to ZNS, ZA, ZAF etc.

As we write this, Mrs Mwamba is in the entourage of the first lady Kaseba Sata on a fully paid up trip to the USA using tax payers money. At the expense of people dying from treatable diseases like typhod in eastern province

Keep track of their movement from the USA as they will have to pass via London to leave money for safe gaurd to GBM’s sister Chabala Mwamba.

This is all happening at the backdrop of the claiming that they are fighting corruption by taking) to court, but enganging in the very acts.

The are busy causing by elections and removing subsidies for the much suffering of the majority poor zambians. DEC and ACC together with ECZ have become irrelevant to the cause of this country.

Please help us to expose this rot so that zambians can see what kind of leaders they have.

(kindly withhold my name due to the nature of my job)

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