Nervers Mumba condemns cabinet for increasing their salaries

MMD president Nevers Mumba has described as insensitive the move by the Patriotic Front Government to increase salaries for Ministers, Members of Parliament and other constitutional office holders.


Dr Mumba says it is bad timing for the PF government to choose to increase salaries at such a time.

He states that it would have been understandable to increase the salaries by at least 35 percent, citing the President’s salary which he said has been increased by 100 percent.

Dr Mumba adds that there is no way the PF Government can convince the Zambian people that they are feeling for them at this time.

And Dr Mumba has predicted countrywide demonstrations over the adjusted minimum wage.

He says this because employers will not be able to sustain the new wages leading to demonstrations.

Dr Mumba says Government lacked dialogue over the issue of the minimum wage.

He was speaking when he featured on Muvi TV’s the Assignment last evening.

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