Nevers’ apology a betrayal to RB and MMD

Dear Editor,

I have been waiting for some time now to see if newly elected MMD President, Dr. Nevers Mumba, would retract the statement attributed to him in various sections of the media where he apologised for all the wrongs that his party did while in power.

I was seriously under the impression that Nevers was misquoted by those bent on completely destroying the MMD reputation.

Of course, I know that in every club there are undesirable individuals, elements, and actions that should be condemned as individual items.

Who doesn’t know that there are rotten and corrupt elements in the current PF government, even worse than any previous government?

If anything, the entire PF government is a product of deceit, thuggery, and hooliganism using mafia style propaganda to through friendly media that deliberately ignored there inadequacies for their personal benefits to the government treasury.

But for Nevers to apologise in the manner he was quoted speaks volumes on how he perceives his colleagues and probably a betrayal on his friends who are currently being persecuted by the ruling brutal PF government of Michael Sata and his friends who, as expected, were quick to pounce on his statement to their advantage in their vuvuzela media by demanding for more information on what his party did before they can be forgiven.

Currently there are so many MMD leaders who are being persecuted for alleged corrupt practices, including the former president himself, Mr. Rupiah Banda and his sons.

Is Nevers turning himself a state witness against, Maxwell Mwale, Dora Siliya, Rupiah Banda, Andrew Banda, Moses Muteteka, and others?

It is clear that Nevers is finally playing in the enemy territory in his quest to seemingly distance himself from the Rupiah administration that PF vuvuzelas have labeled corrupt in every inch.

Nevers is really putting his MMD friends and the former president Mr. Banda in very awkward situation with that apology.

But for those who democratically elected Nevers in office, I have one simple reminder for you. This is the same Nevers who used to attend opposition meetings many years ago and sell information to then President Levy Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) and eventually earned himself a senior government position as Vice-President before being booted out for being too power hungry by addressing cabinet meetings and press conferences when the president was away.

I find it difficult to understand why Nevers cannot be proud of the many achievements of the Rupiah administration that scored record economic and financial successes that are fast being looted by the current deceitful and vengeful leadership in power for the benefit of the small inner family forest who are not even ashamed and have no apology for anyone and their actions to make.

Disgusted MMD member

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