Nevers Mumba adds no value to PF – Mtonga

MMD Lusaka Province Chairperson Watson Mtonga says the PF should not celebrate Nevers Mumba’s support because he has no numbers.
Mr. Mtonga disclosed in an interview that the August 11 general elections are about numbers and not individuals.
” What is there to celebrate about? How many followers has Nevers Mumba got? He got 15000 votes in 2015. There were more spoilt votes than his” he said.
Mr. Mtonga also questioned why Nevers Mumba appointed his relatives as National Executive Committee(NEC) members. ” He has appointed his relatives as NEC Members including his driver Mr. Kalinda. Those are the people he is taking to PF. What a shame” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr. Mtonga said by April 7,2016 all position in MMD including that of Party President shall cease because the office bearers were elected on April 7, 2011. ” There will bé no official at that date. Nevers is cheating himself when he thinks his term expires in 2017. He was elected in a byelection after Rupiah Banda stepped down. This means that when the term for the rest expires, he also vacates the office. The NEC that will bé elected after April 7 is the one that is going to decide on behalf of general membership which party to form an alliance with” he said.

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