Nevers Mumba celebrates sweet victory

MMD president Nevers Mumba says the judiciary’s decision to quash de-registration of the former ruling party is sweet victory, according to Z

Dr Mumba is delighted that Lusaka High Court judge Jane Kabuka yesterday quashed de-registration of the MMD by the Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki on grounds that it lacked logic.

He commended the judiciary for what he termed “professionalism in handling the de-registration case.”

Dr Mumba said the judgment has given hope to the opposition.

“This explains why government has launched a heavy assault on the judiciary because they want to have a rubber-stamp judiciary. We would like the judiciary to remain impartial and continue to serve all sectors of the Zambian society,” Pastor Mumba said.

Chembe Nyangu, deputy national secretary of the MMD, said Tuesday’s ruling is an indication of the independence of the country’s judiciary.

“We are praising the judiciary, that [it] is independent and cannot be intimidated by the executive.  Recently, [the ruling party] wanted to intimidate the judiciary by appointing or removing the senior judiciary officers and appointing their own people, who they think should go by their leash by dictating that all judicial matters, which are before the court, should be ruled in their favor,” said Nyangu.

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