Nevers Mumba describes Masumba as ‘king of disco’, Sata as ‘Vasco Da Gama’

Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) President, Nevers Mumba has described Patriotic Front (PF) Mufumbwe parliamentary candidate, Stephen Masumba, as a “King of Disco” who patronises with prostitutes.

According to Muvi TV, Dr. Mumba says Masumba is not capable to lead the people of Mufumbwe as their Member of Parliament because he is too immoral. Masumba was recently captured on the front page of the PF aligned Post Newspaper dancing rhumba during a concert.

The incident threw Masumba’s private life into public domain as his wife complained of the husband’s misbehaviour.

Dr Mumba has also taken a swipe on Republican President, Michael Sata, describing him as Vasco da Gama with the tendency of globe trotting at the expense of development.

The MMD leader added that President Sata has abandoned his political pledges to the people of Zambia in the run-up to last year’s general elections and was now enjoying State House without concern for the country

Dr Mumba was speaking when he addressed a rally in Mufumbwe constituency to drum up support for the party’s parliamentary candidate, Stafford Mulusa, in the November 8 by election.

Three candidates – Mulusa, Masumba and Steven Kamwengo of UNIP – are contesting the seat. Mulusa is the candidate for the MMD/UPND alliance after the two leading opposition parties agreed to field a single candidate.

Meanwhile, police in Mufumbwe yesterday arrested 37 PF cadres for disorderly conduct.

North-western Province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso says the cadres were arrested after they invaded the territory of their colleagues in what could have caused a fracas.


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