Nevers Mumba: I didn’t say there are no intelligent leaders in PF

The Editor
Zambian watchdog

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Re: Erroneous headline: “PF has no intelligent leaders”

I refer to the above subject matter.
I wish to refute and distance myself from the above headline run by your publication and attributed to me.
During my address in Livingstone, I did not once use the words above as this will be inconsistent with my values. While I have great difficulties in appreciating the way the PF government is handling matters of State, it is not my place to describe any member of the PF government as un intelligent.

My role is to challenge and criticize policy positions of the PF government which I consider detrimental to the unity and security of the nation. For instance, I believe that until and unless the PF government apologizes to the people of Western province, the problem of the Barotse Agreement will not go away.

The PF government must be forced to start telling the truth. Their track record shows that lies are the basis for the new government.
What I said in Livingstone is:” MMD has quality leaders aspiring for the presidency of the party. PF however will have a difficult time choosing a successor to President Sata as there seem to be no capable leaders in their party.”

I further stated that MMD has an array of competent leaders to choose from.
I request that the headline be corrected.
In the meantime, I wish to congratulate you for your courage and resilience in telling the truth about the very backward developments in Zambia. The country needs you and we pray God’s protection on all your staff.
please make the correction as the headline you used has injured my integrity.
Thank you so much for your understanding.
Sincerely yours,

Nevers Mumba

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