Nevers Mumba laughs at Taima and other rejected traitor

Opposition Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) has described as a noble course the decision by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to reject some of the MMD Members of Parliament that ditched the former ruling party join the PF.

The PF has for the July 25 by-elections adopted Peter Ilunga for the Solwezi East at the expense of Richard Taima who held the Parliamentary seat under the MMD before defecting to the ruling PF while Ingrid Mpande has been adopted for Mkushi North on instead  of Mutale Musonda who also was the area MMD MP before defecting to the PF.

MMD president Nevers Mumba noted that the sidelining of some of its rebel MPs should serve as a strong message and lesson for MMD MPs that the honey moon for defecting to the ruling party with the view to having their alleged wrong doing covered has come to end.

Dr. Mumba further notes that any other MMD MP that is planning to resign and defect to the ruling party should now realize that time has come to build on their party and strengthen the country’s democracy.

The MMD president was speaking in an interview with Qfm.


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    Bana muNyokolo Taima. Taima inshi?

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    Kudos 4 years

    What do you expect from Zambian politicians? Look! waste not your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without talking politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling cooper pens. Very interesting idea since Zambia has plenty cooper. Go to ( dot com, to see the methods and companies she was using to do that. ( dot com, a very simple idea but it paid off finally

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    afrozed 4 years

    Between this and the internet censorship, Zambia will be one happy country. They have figured out a way to fcuk with the poor now they want to fcuk with us “apamwambas” panyopabo

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    THE TRUTH 4 years

    bai gonga!

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    Ndeloleshafye 2016 is coming.

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    Ok 4 years

    Biggest losers are Zambian voters who have to pay for all these elections and a large cabinet. In future do not vote for poor people to lead you. Vote for successful people