Nevers Mumba links ritual murders to forthcoming elections

MMD president Nevers Mumba has asked the Church to take recent ritual killings and the unusual accidents as a matter of great concern.

The PF is said to be at the centre of ritual killings and unusual road accidents especially in places that were formally PF strongholds.

During the last road accident in Kabwe, the body of a child was unaccounted for but PF sources say the child was taken to State House tunnels.

Pastor Mumba says Zambia has gone through such shedding of blood and deaths prior to elections before.

‘If the Church does not step up, we could face more and more of these unusual deaths. In the next thirty days, we shall see a combination of greed, desperation and fear push some politicians to involve themselves in dark and evil activities,’ Pastor Mumba said.

He advised politicians who may wish to indulge in these evil and disparate  activities to  remember that, ‘you may even win an election, but your life will be cut short. This is a biblical principle’.
‘I urge all Zambians to unite in prayer and stop the spirit of death which has been unleashed on innocent citizens,’


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