Nevers Mumba maintains evil occurences caused by PF departure from Church

MMD leader Nevers Mumba has reiterated that the PF departure from the church is what is causing suspicious deaths in Zambia.

And the MMD leader has called upon Zambian to stand up and defend democracy from Sata.

Never Mumba says Sata’ admiration of dictators shows where he is leading the country to.

See below: 


AUGUST 30TH 2012


  1. Assault on democracy – we call on all Zambians, and International Community to respond to PF’s government brutalization of the opposition.
  1.  The campaign of government is not to fulfil campaign promise or bring development but to end the hard earned democracy.
  1. The government has mounted a campaign to deregister, petition opposition seats, lure opposition Members of Parliament  into government, arrest the leaders and create a one party state.
  1. President Sata’s admiration for Dictators on the continent is an indication of where he  intends to take the country.
  1. Civil Society and all Zambians must rise and stand together to resist the assault on democracy.

–         The harassment of UPND represents the harassment of all of us in  opposition. We condemn the PF government and call upon all Zambians who cherish democracy to speak  out now. We urge the Church to stand up and defend the rights of Zambians.


  1. The PF government has no policy of working with the church.

(a)  The President has no regard or respect for the Evangelical Movement and calls Pastors and Bishops as self ordained

(b) PF has turned against the Catholic Church whose support the PF solicited greatly before last year’s election. To-day PF has the audacity  of deporting a Priest who highlights  the plight of the poor.

  • PF government has started to roll out the programme to deregister many Pentecostal Churches and remove those who use government School facilities for their services.
  • PF government is on record of  supporting possible homosexual legislation going by the statement made by President Sata in March 2011 prior to the election.
  • PF government continues to distance itself from the “Declaration of Zambia as Christian Nation”.



  • This apparent divorce of the PF government from the Church has resulted in unprecedented wave of ritual killings, accidents across the nation and heinous crimes that Zambia has not experienced before.   Evil has accelerated in the land. PF’s disregard for the Church will have far reaching implication on both the economy and social order of the nation.


  • MMD back in government will clearly uphold and defend the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation


  • MMD back in government shall honour, respect and co-operation with the Church, both Evangelical and Catholic in order to maintain social and spiritual order in the nation.


  • MMD back in government shall not accept legislated homosexuality and any assault on the family and family values.




As PF approaches one year in office, unless a miracle happens between now and  September 20th 2012 it will be fair to state that the PF government has failed to govern and has compromised the integrity of the nation before both Zambians and the International community.


PF has failed Zambians. PF has failed to honour almost all of their promises. It therefore has no moral right to continue making any further promises to the Zambian people.


The Zambian people must hold President Sata and the PF accountable for all the false promises they made in order to win the election.


They lied that:


(1) They will provide jobs for the youth in 90 days.


(2) They will put  more money in people’s pockets in 90 days.


(3) They will restore the Barotse agreement in 90 days


(4) They will enact the new Constitution in 90 days


If Civil Society Organizations and  the population at large do not demand accountability from the PF government, then we are giving a blank cheque to all political parties to lie  and cheat their way into office and then back track on all their promises.


The least the PF can do is to repent and apologize for raising false hopes in many Zambians.


President Sata’s silence on the 90 days political scheme pauses a great danger to Zambian’s future. The President must come clean and inform the nation as to why the 90 days scheme was used and how he plans to mitigate this great political blunder.


The state of the nation has become critical and show no  signs of healing. 85% of the time the President is missing in action. We only feel his presence when he is leaving the country on the many trips he has made.


There is no economic plan in place to provide hope for investors and ordinary Zambians.


There are no reconciliatory efforts with the opposition or citizens with variant views.

MMD back in government shall restore a strong market economy made to inspire the investors community  to return to Zambia to do business and create jobs for Zambians.

MMD back in government shall ensure that democracy becomes vibrant again where people shall express their views without intimidation. People shall openly and freely support political parties of their choice without  being threatened.

MMD back in government shall not use the police and other Security wings to beat both the opposition and citizens into submission, as this is a trade mark of dictatorship.

The state of the nation has reached critical mass, and only fearless and patriotic Zambian can retrieve it from the free  fall it is now experiencing.

We must act together and we must act now.

May God bless you and may God bless our great country – ZAMBIA.


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