‘Nevers Mumba threatens legal action against Choolwe Beyani

Dear Editor,


I write to respond to an article you published yesterday written by Choolwe Beyan in which he alleged that The Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) President Dr. Nevers Mumba has been secretly frequenting State House.

Dr. Mumba can not believe that such lies were concocted by a person of such standing being a lecturer at the highest learning institution in the country t (UNZA).

It is common knowledge that the majority of Zambians are aware of what transpired the last time Dr. Mumba tried to get to State-House. He was blocked.

State House being a public place has records to show who has visited the President and who has not and Choolwe Beyani is free to go and check the records. As of the picture showing President Sata and Nevers Mumba walking hand in hand, it was taken at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport when both went to receive the body of Mama Betty Kaunda.

After President Sata was told that Dr. Mumba was outside by Protocol Officers, Sata requested that Dr. Mumba gets into the VIP Lounge. Dr. Mumba refused and said was comfortable outside it was then that President Sata walked towards Dr. Mumba hence that picture.

Dr. Mumba is of the view that the opposition should not be fighting amongst themselves but reserve the energy to come together and democratically remove the non performing Patriotic Front Government. It is therefore disappointing that a UNZA Lecturer of such standing can concoct such a story in order to please his Ego.

In this regard, Dr.Mumba is demanding a retraction and apology from Choolwe Beyani within 48 hours failure to which he will have no option but to institute legal proceedings.


Raphael Nakachinda

Principal  Private Secretary to Dr. Nevers Mumba.

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