Nevers Mumba out on bail

…grants Dr. Mumba bail

Lusaka Magistrate Simusamba has defied oders from State House aids
Amos Chanda and Kaizar Zulu to deny MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba
Dr. Mumba has just been graned bail after his arrest on Saturday morning.
State House had threatened to deal with Lusaka Magistrate Simusamba
if he grants bail to MMD president Nevers Mumba.
Source at State House have hinted to the Watchdog that Kaizar Zulu
personally called the Magistrate and threatened him with unspecified
action if he dared grant the opposition leader bail.
“In fact both Kaizar Zulu and Amos Chanda have been speaking with the
Inspector General that they must charge Dr. Mumba with Treason and the
police have told them that they dont have anything.
“Kanganja has also been threatened of dismissal if he doesnt charge
Dr. Mumba with Treason,”
The opposition leader is currently at Lusaka magistrate court in the
holding cell.
Zambia under Edgar Lungu is fast becoming a dictatorship as they
control all public institutions, the police, and the courts.
The arrest of Dr. Mumba is the begining of a cramp down all dissenting
voices, especially opposition and media.

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