Nevers Mumba promises to rebrand MMD

Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Presidential aspirant candidate, Nevers Mumba, has promised to create a new MMD that will inspire Zambians.

Addressing MMD district officials in Choma yesterday, Dr Mumba reiterated his intention of rebranding the former ruling party and helping remove the tag of corruption which has tainted the party’s image.

Dr Mumba claimed the MMD is the mother of democracy and the only party in the country which has continued to demonstrate in a democratic manner despite facing numerous challenges since it lost elections last year.

Introducing his political slogan “Don’t Kutina” derived from the Bible ‘fear not for God is with you’, Dr Mumba appealed to delegates for support in his quest for the MMD presidency.

He pointed out that the MMD has an obligation to serve the people of Zambia from what he described as dictatorial tendency exhibited in the current regime by choosing a fierce and visionary leader who can build a strong party that will offer constructive criticism to the current leadership.

Dr Mumba accused the ruling party of having caused insecurity in the country due to its failure to deliver their campaign promises.

He called on MMD members to use its loss in last year’s general elections to reflect and make corrections if they are to bounce back in power.

Dr Mumba also accused the PF party of having ascended to power by misinforming the public that it will change things in country.

The former Republican Vice President disclosed that the MMD is the only party that understands economic and political affairs in the country due to the experience it has attained in the past 20 years.

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