Nevers Mumba questions K5 billion payment to Rupiah

Nevers Mumba questions K5 billion payment to Rupiah


RBMMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba has challenged President Lungu to clearly explain to the Zambian people, the rationale he used to jump the queue of waiting bereaved families of late President FTJ Chiluba and President Levy Mwanawasa to award Mr. Rupiah Banda K5 billion kwacha for his house otherwise the nation will conclude that it was the ‘wako-ni-wako’ tribalism at play.

Speaking at a rally in Nakonde after a stop in Isoka straight from touring the Copperbelt towns of Chambeshi, Kamuchanga township in the continued whirlwind rallies around the northern block with UPND Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Bernard Mpundu, Dr. Mumba questioned Mr. Lungu’s morality and reasoning in appeasing his ‘mentor’ Mr. Rupiah Banda with an illegal allocation of K5 billion from taxpayer’s money to build his house in the same week that he has been filmed openly campaigning for the PF in Chipata, in breach of the Zambian Constitution.

Dr. Mumba said the widows and families of the late presidents have yet to be given their allocations of accomodation and yet Mr. Banda has been attended to after ‘crying’ that the queue to get his house was too long causing Mr. Lungu to jump the other families and quickly attend to his tribesman. He further said the law on this matter was very clear and does not provide for a cash payout but GRZ is supposed to hand over a house.

The Benefits of Former President’s Act no. 15 of the Laws of Zambia gives a list of lavish pension benefits which include 80% of the incumbent presidents’s salary per month, 3 cars and 3 drivers, 3 house servants which can be increased by Cabinet if so desired, 2 gardeners, a house build or bought by the state at location of his choice, 1 secretary, 1 car for the surviving spouse, free fuel, free travel abroad etc. However an amendment to this act states that these benefits will be forefeited should the former president in question engage in active politics and goes further to give the definition of ‘active politics’ to mean any activity that could be viewed as furthering or promoting a political party. In Mr. Banda’s case, both the principal and amended act have been violated.

Dr. Mumba wondered how Mr. Lungu, a learned lawyer could blatantly and knowingly flout the Constitution of Zambia ignoring the rule of law in such a reckless manner and allow Mr. Banda selfishly ‘eat with both hands’ using taxpayers’ money in abbrogation of the Constitution which he swore to defend under oath. He said this was a serious and impeachable offence but Zambians should now use their vote to quickly remove Mr. Lungu and the PF from power before they cause further damage to the country. He said Mr. Banda’s immunity will be set aside again after the election and criminal charges will be raised against him to recover all the people’s money he has received received in breach of the Act since 2014 when he entered active politics.

He further said the people of Zambia should examine the damage that has been inflicted on the Zambian economy in the 5 years of lawlessness and recklessness of the PF Government; the sky rocketting price of mealie and other commodities, the collapse of the mining sector and agricultural sectors, deterioration of the foreign exchange rate, depletion of foregn reserves and therefore use the ballot box next week to remove them from power.

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