Nevers Mumba questions Kaseba’s use of presidential jet

Nevers Mumba questions Kaseba’s use of presidential jet

Mumba with Sata recently at the airport

Opposition MMD president Nevers Mumba has expressed concern at first Lady Dr Christine Kaseba’s continued use of the Presidential Jet for her various undertakings in and outside Zambia.

Dr. Mumba told journalists in Kitwe this morning that as much as his party appreciates the work the first lady is doing for the nation, it is not right that she should use the challenger Jet which is serviced using Tax Payers money.

He has advised President Michael Sata to either appoint Dr. Kaseba as his Minister of Health or put in place legislation that will institutionalize the office of the First Lady so that she qualifies to use government money.

Dr. Mumba cautions that it will work against the Patriotic Front government if the office of the first lady continues to make and lead delegation to Montreal or Namibia of cabinet Ministers as it is inconsistent with the Zambian constitution.

He adds that the First Lady and the Head of State might be investigated on allegations of corruption once they leave office if such measures are not put in place because the office of the Auditor General will have a tough time of either protecting the President or exposing the office of the first lady.

Dr. Mumba was in Kitwe this morning where he visited residents of Zam-Tan Township whose illegal structures were destroyed in the early hours of last Wednesday by Kitwe Court Bailiffs working with Bukumo Multipurpose Cooperatives.

The first lady has been using expensive Lexus luxury vehicles which President Michael Sata condemned as wasteful expenditure by the Rupiah Banda administration.

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