Nevers Mumba ready to forgo the presidency for sake of opposition unity

Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy president Nevers Mumba has also echoed sentiments by Party Spokesperson, Dora Silia, by saying his party was ready to forgo the presidency in order to consolidate the opposition and defeat PF ahead of 2016 elections.

The opposition leader said his party was looking at the greater needs of the Zambian people and would never allow the desire for top positions to ruin the chance for the country to have a credible leadership.

Last week, party spokesperson Dora Siliya also said the MMD was ready for an opposition unity even if that meant her party giving up the party presidency for the greater good of the Zambian people amid the failed PF leadership.

“Dr. Mumba said as MMD, they were ready to sacrifice the even the Presidency for the sake of unity as the Zambian matter more than the desire for positions.

Mumba said there was need to consolidate consultations among opposition political parties to ensure that the people through the opposition triumphed.

There has been recent calls for the opposition parties to come together ahead of 2016 elections so as to enhance the chances of winning the elections.

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