Nevers Mumba rubbishes Post/State House concoctions that RB prefers HH

Opposition MMD leader Nevers Mumba has poured cold water on speculations hatched by the PF aligned Post Newspapers over a fake tribalism article allegedly sidelining him from the leadership of the UPND-MMD alliance.

The Post recently carried an article quoting anonymous sources alleging that former Republican president Rupiah Banda had preferred UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema to Mumba to lead the opposition alliance in what was a tribal scheme.

Following The Post article, State House issued a follow up statement condemning Rupiah while accusing him of tribalism in what emerged was a systematic scheme to attack the former Head of State with other comments from senior PF members and cadres solicited arising from the fictitious article earning massive airtime in government run media houses and their surrogates in the private media.

Featuring on Muvi TV’s The Assignment on Sunday evening, Mumba said the fictitious article was part of a scheme by the PF and The Post to divide the cordial working relationship that exited among Rupiah Banda, Hichilema and himself.

He said his relationship with Hichilema and Banda was good. Dr Mumba said he was enjoying his working relations with Hichilema.

“President HH and I are enjoying a good working relationship,” Dr Mumba said.
He said his relationship with Rupiah Banda was excellent and that he was receiving a lot of support from the former Head of State.

“The idea of dividing me with RB won’t work out,” Dr. Mumba said. “He (RB) has been very supportive, I call and he calls me.”

Dr Mumba has further dismissed President Sata’s intention to appoint MMD MPs as deputy ministers as part of a sustained plot to destroy the opposition.

He said MMD was aware that the PF was soliciting for numbers in parliament in order to pass laws that were favourable to their agenda.

Dr Mumba said the move is aimed at the PF creating numbers in anticipation for the passing of the new constitution.

He said the PF was against the running mate clause and the 50 plus 1 percent for a president and was now preparing to defeat the clauses in parliament where they were handicapped with regards to marshalling two-thirds support.

President Sata has appointed 10 members of parliament to inferior government positions to entice them to support the ruling PF schemes in parliament.

Zammbia Reports

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