Nevers Mumba says by-election results have no connection to pain of voters

Nevers Mumba says by-election results have no connection to pain of voters

By Dr Nevers Mumba (MMD president)

It is not unusual for a ruling party to win by- elections in the face of harsh economic conditions. The results of most by elections have no connection to the pain, concerns and needs of the electorate. At the height of MMD’s unpopularity, we swept almost all by elections until the general election of 2011.

The electoral process of Zambia and many other african nations hardly addresses the views and wishes of the electorate. Until this anomaly is addressed we shall continue to experience the same outcomes.

I however have to state that this scenario cannot be blamed on the ruling party alone. Multi party democracy is a social contract between the ruling party and opposition groups. As stake holders we should first concentrate on correcting and cleaning up the electoral process. The rush to participate in elections using a corrupted system and then cry foul is unwise. It is for this reason that MMD believes that dialogue on the electoral process is a must if tensions are to reduce in the nation.

For now, as MMD we have sent congratulatory messages to all who won in the last by-election, because all those who participated endorsed the electoral system in its current form.

Our future as a nation depends on our collective ability to confront and correct corrupted systems before we use them. This needs courage and resilience.

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