Nevers Mumba says Chibesakunda must go as Sata responds in usual kaponya style

Nevers Mumba says Chibesakunda must go as Sata responds in usual kaponya style

MMD leader Nevers Mumba says his party will find a way to force acting Chief justice Lombe Chibesakunda to resign since she is too old.

But ailing dictator Michael Sata has defended his age mate niece by turning his hate speech on Dr Mumba.

Dr Mumba was speaking on Radio Phoenix Tuesday Morning. He said Chibesakunda’s presence at the helm of the judiciary compromises the integrity of the law profession in the country.

Dr Mumba maintained that the old woman is used by his uncle Sata to make questionable court decisions mainly aimed at destroying the MMD.

He said if Chibesakunda does not go on her own, the MMD will adopt other means of protecting the judiciary from the PF agent.

But Sata through his voice mail George Chellah decided to use this as an opportunity to issue verbal diarrhoea.

Sata in his usual Kaponya language said Dr Nevers Mumba should halt his ill advised and misplaced attacks on the country’s judiciary.

The ailing dictator who thrives on violence, both verbal and physical, said Pastor Mumba must realise that launching irrational verbal attacks on the judiciary suggests that he is petitioning his own competence as a leader.

The ailing dictator described pastor Mumba’s attacks on the judiciary and the Supreme Court as unfortunate but not surprising, saying his recent reckless and bankrupt views tell it all.

Sata said the embattled MMD leader should, however, concentrate on resolving the internal problems his party is facing rather than resorting to attacking the judiciary.

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