Nevers Mumba says don’t repeat 2011 mistake

Movement for Multiparty Democracy President Nevers Mumba has called on Zambians to scrutinize people aspiring for national leadership and avoid voting for leaders based on family or friendship.

Dr Mumba was speaking on Sky Fm and Chikuni radio stations respectively in southern province.

Dr. Mumba said people should be voted into office based on their ability to deliver as opposed to friendships or relationships.

He called on Zambians to avoid making the same mistake they made in 2011 when the voted for President Sata as doing so would only compound the misery that the country is going through as a result of the PF.

“The mistake that we make here in Zambia is to try to elect a President on the basis that they can campaign or they have money or they belong to my tribe that is the biggest mistake we make in choosing a national leader.  A national leader should be chosen on the basis of his character and I believe that the reason we are facing gigantic problems today in Zambia is because of the PF. The leaders know no morality, they know no integrity, character to PF does not mean anything,” Dr Mumba said.

Dr Mumba said the PF leadership will lie to people and some people will clap for them and vote for them and the result is the pain that the nation is experiencing today.

Dr Mumba further pledged to change the politics being practiced in Zambia which he described as toxic, un-Christian and unrealistic and unite the people for the purpose of developing the nation.

“I am committed to making sure that we change the politics of Zambia. If we don’t change these toxic, un-Christian and unrealistic politics we are not going to see development because we are spending too much time on doing politics instead of uniting ourselves to develop this country.”

He added, “I will ensure that the politics of corruption, the politics of hatred, the politics of vindictiveness and the politics of insulting one another are left behind and I will insist that we have civil politics where political opponents can talk around a table on matters of national interest.”

Dr Mumba also advised the PF government to concentrate on delivering on their promises as opposed to public relations stunts as people in the country are tied of their lies.

“My advice to the PF is that they should focus more on performance and delivery instead of public relations, Zambians are no longer listening to the PF all their proclamations and their statements, why? Because we have been cheated so many times by this government and everybody knows that they come to power through lies. So whenever there is a small thing they go to the television and announce a bumper harvest, they announce that they are now distributing the inputs for 2013-2014, the of agriculture Minister was on TV flagging off the delivery of inputs from NCZ and the following day NCZ announces that they were canceling the contract to supply the fertilizer.”

Dr Mumba said the PF has never had direction on how to improve the agriculture sector in the country

He urged the government to quickly announce the flow price of maize as some briefcase businessmen have started taking advantage of small scale farmers who are selling their hard earned produce at between K30 and K40.

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