Nevers Mumba says evil occurrences have increased under PF; demands return of Fr, Banyangandora

Nevers Mumba says evil occurrences have increased under PF; demands return of Fr, Banyangandora

Nerver Mumba

MMD takes great exception to the decision by the PF government to deport Lundazi Priest Fr. Viateur Banyangandor, says party leader Nevers Mumba.

And Mumba says evil practices and occurences have increased in the country from the time PF came into power

The abduction of the Priest and consequent removal of the Priest at night to an unknown destination, without any notification to Catholic authorities is an infringement on the rights of Father Banyangandora, Mumba said Tuesday morning in Lusaka.

‘We join the entire Church world and the Zambian people in condemning this inhuman and undemocratic act by the PF government.  We add our voice to the Catholic Bishops in demanding that the deportation order be reversed.  This is the only way to restore the fading confidence many Zambians had placed in the PF government,’ pastor Nevers Mumba said.

He said to arrest a minister of the Gospel for preaching about high levels of poverty in a Christian nation is totally unacceptable.  He said the the act is meant to intimidate the Church from declaring God’s word as mandated by the scriptures.

Said Mumba: ‘Under the MMD, Zambia was declared a Christian nation. ‘The Church has grown in an unprecedented way since the declaration.  The Church has continued to contribute immensely to issues of good governance as a deterrent of evil in the nation.

But, revealed Pastor Mumba ‘since the coming of PF into government, ‘Zambia has experienced unprecedented waves of evil practices and occurrences.’

He said RTSA has recorded over 870 deaths in suspicious road accidents, ritual murders and issues of bestiality seem to be getting more pronounced.

He said the PF does not have the luxury to deport ministers of the Gospel but to encourage more Zambians to accept the call to preach in order to avert the many evils that have befallen the nation.

He said the PF government needs to respect the role of the Church and the place of God in our Christian nation.

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