Nevers Mumba sells MMD, gets job from Lungu as ambassador

Nevers Mumba sells MMD, gets job from Lungu as ambassador

Mumba and Rupiah

Mumba and Rupiah

Pastor Nevers Mumba has sold the part of the MMD he is holding to president Edgar Lungu.

In exchange, Pastor Mumba has accepted to be appointed ambassador to some country in South America.

State House sources have revealed that pastor Mumba has been sneaking into state House to plead with President Edgar Lungu for some form of political survival.

During the last presidential election, Pastor Mumba polled about 15 000 votes from across the country.

“This week the deal was sealed and Nevers agreed to be appointed ambassador to any country in South America,’ said a source at state house.

As ambassador, Nevers Mumba will be a civil servant meaning that he cannot be active in politics but will be the PF president’s representative in the country he would be posted.

This will leave Rupiah Banda as the main person in the MMD. It will give Rupiah more bargaining power and ammunition to further control Edgar Lungu.

Rupiah Banda and Lungu are working on a project to convert PF structures into MMD structures. Lungu has been informed that the rebellion against his leadership in PF is growing and he may find himself isolated if he does not move fast.

Just to give a glimpse of the problems, PF secretary General Davis Chama, despite the public pretences is working with foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba to wrestle power in 2016. Among other things, Chama is bitter that he was not appointed minister but would not say it publicly. He would rather pretend to support any statement Lungu makes while undermining him. Kalaba had wanted to be appointed vice president but Lungu gave it to Inonge Wina,making her the heir to Lungu in case of any eventuality.

Miles Sampa is a mole for Wynter Kabimba’s party and was told to accept the position of deputy minister for strategic reasons.

Mulenga Sata has also been telling people that Lungu trusts him more than Inonge Wina and that when Lungu is out, commanders report to him before reporting to Inonge Wina, then Mulenga briefs the president wherever he is.

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