Nevers Mumba sues wrong editor at Daily Mail

Nevers Mumba sues wrong editor at Daily Mail

Antony Mukwita

MMD presidential hopeful Nevers Mumba has wrongly sued Anthony Mukwita as editor of the government controlled Daily Mail.

Mumba has sued the newspaper itself and its editor for libel and is demanding K500 million.

Even if insiders at Daily Mail say ‘play boy’ Mukwita controls the editorial content of the government broadsheet, he is the deputy and not the editor. This means that he is legally not the person responsible for libellous material carried by the Daily Mail.

The Editor is Isaac Chipampe and is referred to as Managing Director while Mukwita is referred to as deputy Managing Director.

In his suit, Former Zambian High Commissioner to Canada Dr Nevers Mumba is seeking compensation over the publication of an article in the newspaper titled ‘Nevers in five hundred million kwacha gold scandal’.

Dr Mumba is also seeking an injunction restraining the paper, its servants and agents from publishing, printing distributing same or similar articles about him.

Dr. Mumba has applied to Lusaka High Court claiming for damages including aggravated or exemplary damages for defamatory libel contained in the said article. Dr Mumba is urging that he is a politician and member of the MMD, who has held various positions the last being that of Zambian High Commissioner to Canada. And that he is an ordained pastor and founder of Victory Ministries and a television evangelist widely known both in Zambia and internationally.

Dr Mumba said the words in the article were false and published out of malice and reckless disregard for the truth. He said the words in their ordinary and natural meaning were understood to mean that Dr Mumba was a criminal who was connected to an illegal criminal scheme involving five hundred million kwacha.

Mukwita is one of the people who were given jobs as editors without an advertisement or interview by the PF government which is allergic to corruption and bad governance.

Insiders at Daily Mail complain that Mukwita routinely over-edits news written by reporters to include his own imaginations resulting in the newspaper being sued every week.

Journalists also complain that Mukwita has reduced the style of the government newspaper to a gossip magazine due to the  playful language he uses even in serious national matters.


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