Nevers Mumba thinks he will be vice president



I was amused to see pastor Nevers Mumba getting excited by the passing of the 50 + plus and running mate clauses. Mumba held a press conference where he excitedly prophesied that Zambia will ‘definitely go to second round of elections next year’.

Mumba clearly sees an opportunity to become vice-president by default. Since he knows he can’t will elections, he now feels either PF of UPND will pick him as running mate in the second round. But this is wishful thinking. Firstly, there is no guarantee that there will be second round. It is very possible that the winner will get the required 50 + plus one in the first round, so there will be no second round. Secondly, even if there will be second round, there is no guarantee that Nevers Mumba will come third and therefore deserve to be vice-president. MMD is dead. Just check the zeros Mumba got in 2015 presidential by-election. It will be worse in 2016. In fact, MMD is luck that in 2011, they were able to return some seats in parliament. That is the only thing place there is MMD; in parliament. Otherwise on the ground MMD is dead. In 2016, all the current MMD MPs will lose their seats unless they stand on other parties. So Mumba is dreaming. Third, Nawakwi is a better option and might actually come out number three.

So pastor Mumba should just campaign instead of putting his hopes on being picked as vice-president. It does not work that way. Besides people remember the misery MMD put this country through.

Mumba and his puppet Mbulakulilma should stop cheating themselves.


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