Nevers Mumba: this is journey for the brave

Nevers Mumba: this is journey for the brave

This is a journey for the brave, for the determined, in order to change the course of our country, so that we can have a country that is loving, a country that is tolerant, and a country that does not intimidate it’s citizens. I said these words at my arrival at the airport in 2012 when I came to enter this arena of politics as MMD President.

Today, these words ring more true than ever before as the current regime starts to exert a tighter grip on draconian tendancies, coupled with the shut down of the independent media in order to numb our people and create a dictatorship.

The Police surrounding my home earlier today to search for alleged “stolen firearms” is an example of the intimidation we continue to face as leaders. Even though not a firearm or ammunition was found, I have been placed under arrest on tramped up charges of “criminal trespass” on ZNBC, our state owned public broadcaster where i had gone to verify the source of a story that was aired on the news earlier in the week.

To all our supporters out there, please pray for me and my colleagues. Remember, this is just the beginning, today it is me and tomorrow it may be someone else. I want you to be strong when they intimidate, and accuse you falsely. For even our LORD, Jesus Chris suffered many things for the salvation of man, and I, Nevers Mumba, are but a servant and no servant is greater than the master.

Finally, I wish to address those of our friends who, at the hieght of this struggle, will choose to take the easy path of indifference. I ask you the question, how do you want the future generations to remember us? As the generation that threw away all the hard earned gains in our respect for fundamental freedoms and in the economy, just because we were too timid to express our views and opinions?, or do you want to be part of a brave and determined group of people that chose to stand up and be counted as having stood, with a clear conscious before both God and fellow man that you did all you could to serve the cause of JUSTICE, MORALITY, INTEGRITY, PROGRESS, FREEDOM and BROTHERHOOD, for this, our beloved nation of Zambia? I know that on this matter, some of you will chose the truth, and some of you will choose a lie, but ultimately, in this game, there are no bystanders, CHOOSE, you will CHOOSE.

Let Freedom Ring!!! Let Freedom Ring!!!!

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