Nevers Mumba to spend another weekend in prison

Nevers Mumba to spend another weekend in prison

The hearing in the appeal and bail application for MMD President Dr Nevers Mumba reserved for ruling today at the Magistrates court has been adjourned.

Dr Nevers Mumba remained in the Court holding cell waiting for the matter to be called till 16hrs when a Prison Ambulance drove in and picked him.

Supporters outside expressed disappointment that the matter did not take off despite appearing on the cause list.

Magistrate Simusamba was reported out of town.

Earlier UPND Deputy Secretary General – Administration Getrude Imenda and Brigadier General Miyanda were denied entry to visit Dr Mumba at the holding cell.

In the meantime Dr Mumba remains incarcerated till Monday 9th April 2018.

Meanwhile an elderly man in his late seventees challenged the youths outside the court not to be idle but rise and save Zambia from the hands of a dictator.

More details in the video below👇🏽

Among supporters at Court were UPND Deputy SG-administration Getrude Imenda, MP for Chavuma constituency Hon Lumayi, MP for Chikankata Constituency Hon Mwiinga, Former MP for Sinda Constituency Hon Ngoma, and other officials and youths from Lusaka province.

Others were Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, Civil Rights Activists Breghner Changala, Madam Mumba, MMD Vice President Reuben Sambo and other Party officials


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