Nevers Mumba warned, cautioned

A JOINT Government Investigative Team on Thursday warned and cautioned former diplomat and MMD aspiring presidential candidate Nevers Mumba for abuse of office and corruptly acquiring public property and revenue.
Mr Mumba arrived at the former task force offices for questioning accompanied by his lawyer Sakwiba Sikota of Central Chambers.
Joint government investigative wing spokesperson Munganga Chanda confirmed the development, saying Dr Mumba was warned and cautioned over seven counts.
“I would like to confirm that the joint Government investigative team has warned and cautioned Dr Nevers Mumba,” Ms Chanda said.
Dr Mumba could not comment on the matter after the interview with the investigative team and Mr Sikota refused to say anything about his client’s interview with the police.
“How did you know that we were here? The police called you. So you talk to your reliable sources who called you here because you did not just dream to come here,” Mr Sikota said.
Ms Chanda said Dr Mumba was warned and cautioned on one count of abuse of authority of office contrary to section 99 (i) of the penal code cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.
She said Dr Mumba was also warned and cautioned over six counts of corrupt acquisition of public property and revenue contrary to section 33.
Ms Chanda said the cases are in connection with the funding which Dr Mumba solicited for from Barrick Gold, the owners of Lumwana mine in Solwezi, to fund the Zambia-Canada cultural exchange programme during the 2011 independence celebration in Canada.
Dr Mumba has sued the Daily Mail, over the same issues he is being questioned about by the task force.
She said Dr Mumba is again expected to appear before a team of investigators on Monday.
Dr Mumba is alleged to have solicited and received more than half a billion Kwacha (US$122,000) from the largest gold digger in the world, Barrick Gold, purporting to fund a Zambian cultural week as High Commissioner to Canada.
Documentation shows that Dr Mumba opened an account that could not be subjected to a government audit at Toronto’s Domion Bank.
The account was also not declared to the High Commission and the opening of the account was not sanctioned by the Zambian government.
Dr Mumba gave the restricted role of coordinating and raising payment vouchers subsequently signed by himself to one high commission staff member.

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