Nevers Mumba will only appear before Sata’s Task Force on Wednesday

MMD president Nevers Mumba, who has been summoned to appear before a combined team of Government Joint Investigative Wings at the former Taskforce offices on corruption in Lusaka will only make himself available tomorrow due to his court cases on the Copperbelt.

The Watchdog understands that Dr. Mumba was initially expected to appear before the task force and be locked-up last Friday so that he could spend the weekend in cells but told the Task Force that he was attending his court case on the Copperbelt.

But even when they know that Dr. Mumba would only avail himself tomorrow Wednesday, the Task Force which comprise all the security wings issued a statement yesterday wanting Dr. Mumba to appear today for questioning.

In an attempt to portray Mumba as not being cooperative, joint Government Investigative Wings public relations officer Namukolo Kasumpa said Dr Mumba would appear before the investigative wings at their offices in Woodlands around 10:00 hours.

Ms Kasumpa said Dr Mumba’s summon was in connection with continued investigations on alleged gross financial irregularities at the Zambian High Commission in Canada, which was under his supervision.

“We expect Dr Mumba to appear here tomorrow around 10:00 hours in the morning. This is in connection with continued investigations on alleged abuse of funds whilst in Canada,” she said in an interview today.

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