Nevers Mumba’s team says MPs suportting HH are riffraffs



The remaining MMD has charged that some of its Members of Parliament who have endorsed UPND candidate Hakainde Hichilema are riffraffs who add little value to the MMD.

Director of Communications in the Office of the President Raphael Nakacinda explained that the party is unmoved by the widespread endorsement of Mr Hichilema because most of those endorsing are riffraffs.

Mr Nakacinda was speaking when he featured on the Platform radio programme on Lusaka’s Joy FM.

‘The good thing about MMD is that riffraffs left MMD and formed PF and some residue, those that remained and were yet to decide have now left and are bundled themselves with UPND,’ Mr Nakacinda said.

He said the MMD is undergoing a cleaning and renewal process resulting in some unprincipled leaders opting to leave.

‘The MMD is now getting renewed, cleansed to give a fresh hope for the future, we only hope that the UPND does not turn into the old MMD that Zambians condemned just like they have condemned the PF today,’ Mr Nakacinda explained.

He said the behaviour of some MMD MPs in recent days has vindicated MMD leader Nevers Mumba’s stance on the need to bring morality in Zambian politics.

‘Dr Mumba has always spoken about the need to stamp out immorality in our politics. What these men and women are doing going about picking other candidates to support is nothing but immoral,’ he said.

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