New Apostolic church leader asks members to raise K500, 000 for 2 days event

New Apostolic church leader asks members to raise K500, 000 for 2 days event

New Apostolic Church Leader asking followers to raise K500, 000 for a two days event

Dear Editor,

Please help share this information as open letter to District Apostle Kububa Soko of the New Apostolic Church Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe that Kitwe-Chingola Apostle Area Apostle Steven Lishebo Lindunda has requested Gods children to raise Five Hundred Thousand Kwacha (K500,000.00) just to host 18 Apostles from Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe for National Council slated for June 2020 a two day event. There is no detailed budget for this and when questioned we are simply told if you do not want to participate stay away.

District Apostle Soko may not know about this as this event is fully planned and budgetted for by the Church Office from Lusaka yet Apostle Lindunda is pushing for God’s children to raise the money for this event. When members complain about the transparency of funds, we told that we are of little faith yet members have dedicated their resources to building churches and helping the needy which is part of our calling.

Dear District Apostle Soko,the Church will release the money for event BUT where will this money which Kitwe- Chingola Apostle area is asking members to raise go? We cannot write you for fear of intimidation and ridicule from the Apostle. We are aware when the event of this nature was held under Apostle Kalyangu working area and when you got information that members were asked to raise K250,000.00 just to host the National Council, the Office of the District Apostle cancelled that illegal project. The directive was that the Church had planned for the event BUT what is the difference with this event in Kitwe? These are some of the Apostles who will make your work difficult and to implement the resolutions of Kabwe and your objectives you have our District Apostle .

Kindly intervene in this matter to save Kitwe Chingola Apostle Area from this kind of bull dozing leadership. I have nothing against the Apostle but he need to be considerate with such requests bearing in mind the well known economically disadvantaged the country is going through. As if this is not this bad, we have Services for the departed in March and July immidiately after the National Council. The meeting held on 7th January 2020 at Kitwe Central Church members where forced to make pledges towards the same event as he went person to person asking them to make pledges and indicating the actual dates the pledges will be paid.

There are issues that need your attention but we fail to raise matters due to intimadations and judged as unfaithful ones when we question some areas of concerns.
We really want the National Council to be held in Kitwe and this concern should not make you change the venue for the event but we need to know how the funds of the Church are being utilized and managed.

Sincere regards and God bless you

Concerned Member

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