New Community dev ministry is a disaster

I would like to express my displeasure on how things are being carried out in the new ministry of community development, mother & child. The grant has been so erratic, unlike in the the ministry of health, where the grant used to come monthly.Health services are quite cardinal and it is very difficult to run health facilities without money as there are a lot of things which are required.i.e.Delivery of drugs to rural health facilities require fuel & UCI activities also require fuel  among others immunizations & allowances.
The ministry of health policy is to delivery health services as close to the client as possible,but in this new ministry, it is practically impossible to conduct the required services and Clients would think that the health service providers have failed to deliver the services, when actually it is the financial back up which is inconsistent.My appeal to government is to take back Health facilities to the previous Ministry(MoH).Experiments will take us no where.
Ministry of agriculture was incorporated with live-stocks,but that proved not to work and Government took no time to take it back to its previous ministry.Why can`t this also be done to health facilities since the new ministry has failed to effectively run health facilities.we are not immortal for experiments to be conducted on our health;so please hear our cry that’s why we voted for you so that you can improve sectors like agriculture,health & education,but this has proved to be negative.
If the PF Government does not improve on the aforesaid things,they will only rule us for one term.
Concerned Citizen

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