‘New Editor reduces Daily Mail to a Magazine’

Dear Editor,
Firstly, I would like to thank you for providing a forum or rather medium that Zambians can independently air their views. the Zambian Watchdog has remained as the only indepndent publication at least to provide checks and balances on the new government. The obtaining situation in Zambia currently is not health, because all the so-called Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have gone to where they truly belong. For a long time they cheated that they were non partisan but now it is clear that after all they were working with the Patriotic Front (PF).
My main purpose of writing to you is to express my deepest regrets in the manner our new management at Daily Mail are operating. The new Deputy Editor-in  chief Mr Anthony Mukwita, while very experienced, he is causing alot of embarrassment to the institution. Since he joined the company we have been making “apologies” over stories because of his unprofessional conduct.
When you write a story as a junior reporter, it is over edited (probably in  a hurry to please his appointing authority) exaggerates. We are aware that even the boss Mr Chipampe does not approve of the style.People are afraid of his connection with State House to reject his style. We hope through this letter the powers that be can help the situation.
In Journalism, there are house styles for tabloids, broadsheets and magazines and he has reduced the Mail to a magazine through his sensational and unprofessional writing. The classical example is the story on the MMD presidential aspirants. Almost if not all the people we reported have refused and instead of apologising to Mr Austin Chewe we are instead carrying a lead story.
The appointing authorities should seriously check these people before appointing. Instead of improving things they are now worsening the situation and attracting legal bills to the company.
Concerned staff
(Zambia Daily Mail)

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