New Financial Intelligence Centre chair fired

New Financial Intelligence Centre  chair fired

After reading Zambian Watchdog revelations, President Edgar Lungu has fired newly appointed chairperson of the financial intelligence centre.

Finance minister announced the appointment of George Siame as the new chair of the FIC.

The watchdog then explained who Siame is.
See below ????????


*Another governance wing broken

George Chilengwa Siame the newly appointed Chairman of the Financial Intelligence Centre is a well known conmen who knows how to wiggle his way into politicians’ lives. He was a childhood friend of the late Peter Mwansa elder brother to Chriticles Mwansa. Using his friend’s connections that is how he found himself at Zambia Revenue Authority as a customs officer from a mathematics teacher at Munali Secondary School. While Chriticles Mwansa was working at the World Customs Organization his brother Peter got terminally sick and George was at his bedside in 2005.

With Chriticles Mwansa back at ZRA in 2007 as gesture of appreciation to George for nursing his brother on his death. The first appointment Chriticles Mwansa made as Commissioner General was to appoint him as Assistant Commissioner. And later he brought in Roselyn Really (wife to the late Pastor Raelly who was President of the SDA Church and friend to Chriticles Mwansa’s elder brother Pastor Pardon Mwansa). Chriticles, Roselyn and George were the defecto ZRA decisions makers. As happens with friendship built on deceit George differed with Roselyn who she beat almost to death. George was locked up, later fired and eventually taken to court.

On 6th August 6, 2011 the Lusaka High Court ordered former Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) assistant commissioner for customs, George Siame to pay a fine of K1 million as compensation for assaulting ZRA director Human Resource, Roselyne Raelly, Lusaka resident magistrate William Banda also ordered Siame to pay a fine of K500, 000 to the court. In passing his judgment, Magistrate Banda ordered that Siame pays the fee within a week or serve five months in default. He said the K1 million compensation would be for Ms Raelly’s medical expenses that she endured as a result of the injury she sustained.

George Siame later started working with PF Secretary General Winter Kabimba who is his business partner and a number of shoddy transactions to this day. With PF coming into power Berlin Msiska was instructed to reinstate George Siame and make him a Director. Within three weeks the Investigations department that had been disbanded by Chriticles Mwansa was recreated and George eventually become Director.

As Director Investigation with former Armcor managing director Muhammad Patel they created stories to destroy the company alleging that it was used to fund MMD. Kennedy Sakeni, Winter Kabimba and President Sata bought the story and that is how Armcor that was employing hundreds of Zambians was liquidated. As they say karma is a bitch Muhammad Patel who had by then created Arm Secure was also convicted and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour after the Lusaka magistrate’s court found him guilty of stealing a Tata truck belonging to his former employer Armcor.

To cut the long story short on 23rd January 2014 George Siame then Director of Investigations was fired on Thursday 23/01/14 after the ZRA board recommended that he be fired for grand corruption. During the hearing the then ZRA Commissioner General Berlin Msiska tried to defend Siame but the uncompromising board told Msiska that if he was not going to fire Siame, then the board was going to recommend the dismissal of Msiska instead.

At this point Msiska had no option but to succumb to pressure and fire Siame.
Siame as Director of Investigations at ZRA was reported to have been receiving bribes from a number of business houses the proceeds he used to come up with a highly mechanised farm on Lusaka-Kabwe road. The investigations into Siame’s conduct were launched after a scam in which Siame was receiving money from Blue Finance was uncovered. Blue Finance acquired Nedfin Finance with its liabilities. Nedfin owed the Zambian government millions of Kwachas in form of taxes. ZRA officers then sent a demand notice to Blue Finance but Siame stopped the demand notice and instead received kick backs from Blue Finance. The ZRA board then picked up the story and instructed the Anti Corruption Commission to launch investigations. ACC in a report linked Siame to a number of corruption activities.

And reports indicate that Siame a day after being fired went to see Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda to see if he could be re-instated but Chikwanda refused.
“On Friday We are told he went to see Mr. Chikwanda but Chikwanda refused because the board has overwhelming evidence. It could have been tricky for Chikwanda because the board was going to ask for a tribunal for Chikwanda to be investigated” the source said.

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